Style Guide

  1. Ladies first. Moms, now is your time to shine. Dress yourself in something you feel relaxed, confident and beautiful in and then build the rest of the family around your outfit. Don’t be afraid to dress up!

  2. Coordinate, don’t copy. Pick two or three colors that are flattering for everyone, and work those colors into each outfit in varying degrees. Feel free to mix in a pattern or two as long as the colors coordinate. The location and time of year should guide wardrobe choices.

  3. Shoes matter. overlooking shoes is a big mistake. Shoes play an important role in an outfit, and sometimes no shoes at all is the best choice. Footwear should be dependent on the environment and season. Leave your crocs and dirty tennis shoes at home. You’ll thank me later :)

  4. Texture! Add some interest and life to your photos with a cable knit sweater or cozy scarf. Layer denim over a lace dress or throw on a fun hat or some statement jewelry. Layers can easily elevate an outfit.

  5. Flatter your figure! It may feel silly, but sit stand and pose in front of the mirror in your outfit to make sure your clothes fit and flatter your body type.

  6. Details for the guys matter too! I want the men to feel like the best version of themselves. Wear clean and well pressed but comfortable clothes and good shoes. Add some interest with details like cool socks, a knit cap or great watch.

  7. Think timeless and classic! This includes simple dresses, button downs, baby rompers, peacoats, v-necks, ballet flats, knee high brown boots, blazers and scarfs. Trendy items are OKAY but try to keep them as accent pieces. No logo wording or characters on shirts, they are really distracting and can truly ruin a photo.